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Mysql indexes can dramatically improve performance in your app

I'm not sure I really understood just how much indexes can improve performance for things in your app. After some recent modifications to an app, and then some necessary optimizations...I am now a believer.

Working with Laravel Queues

Lessons I learned when using queues for the first time on a recent Laravel project.

A Package for adding a Helpers.php file to your Laravel Application

I created a package to easily add a helpers.php file where you can store some global functions, now that is just a composer require away.

Composer Package Development and easy local development

Use the "path repositories" feature of Composer to make local package development much easier and faster.

Future Reference - Silly CLI

A nice little package to make CLI apps. It's basically a wrapper around Symfony/Console, but still makes things nice and easy to work with.

Eloquent ORM Chunk method and very weird results

I ran into an issue with Eloquent ORM's `chunk` method, and it presented an interesting debugging issue, that is a lesson in itself.

Deploying Laravel with Elastic Beanstalk - .env

There are a few steps involved in deploying an app with Elastic Beanstalk, in this article I talk about how to handle the .env variables.

Recreating Laravel dd and dump functions without composer

I have come to appreciate the debug functions dd and dump that Laravel provides, that they feel a part of my workflow now. So when I find myself on a project that doesn't use Laravel, what to do?

Resource: FunFunFunction

A resource was recommended to me by a co-worker, that I feel is worth sharing. It focuses on JavaScript but discusses programming concepts in an entertaining way.

Great Example of Refactoring: Mathias Verraes

Stumbled across this example of refactoring which shows how to take existing nested if statements to good readable code. Worth a watch!