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Deploying Laravel with Elastic Beanstalk - .env

There are a few steps involved in deploying an app with Elastic Beanstalk, in this article I talk about how to handle the .env variables.

Recreating Laravel dd and dump functions without composer

I have come to appreciate the debug functions dd and dump that Laravel provides, that they feel a part of my workflow now. So when I find myself on a project that doesn't use Laravel, what to do?

Resource: FunFunFunction

A resource was recommended to me by a co-worker, that I feel is worth sharing. It focuses on JavaScript but discusses programming concepts in an entertaining way.

Great Example of Refactoring: Mathias Verraes

Stumbled across this example of refactoring which shows how to take existing nested if statements to good readable code. Worth a watch!

Crontab disappeared - help!

I was working the other day, needed to edit the root user cron, logged in tried to edit the cron, nothing happened, then tried again and Vim opened, but was empty. What the heck happened?

Gmail Address tips

Recently I learned some little tricks about my gmail address that are pretty sweet and actually solve some problems for

The Manager is a Coach fallacy

I think a lot about corporate structure, and I think I may have pinpointed a point of contention I have. In general, I think people think of a manager like the coach, they come up with the plan and the players execute...but I think otherwise.

Add Markdown to Quick Look (Preview)

Have you ever been navigating in Finder and want to simply preview a markdown file instead of opening it in your editor? Out of the box, this is not supported, but we can add it with a package really easily.

Automatically switch folders on vagrant ssh

I recently started work with a new PHP system which also has a vm that you can use for development. I noticed almost immediately that when you vagrant ssh into the vm, your location is not where the code is. Let's fix that.

Manage your windows with Spectacle App

I find the Spectacle App to manage windows like Chrome, Sublime Text, Sequel Pro, and iTerm to be extremely useful. Click to see a screencast of how to use it.