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Want to be a web developer?

Becoming a web developer is a long process, takes lots of practice, and countless failures, but I think the most important thing is having the right mindset when you approach the industry...this really works in the rest of life too.

A tip for cover letters

I was thinking about the whole job hunt situation the other day and when I do, I tend to find myself thinking "does this process actually find the right candidate?" I have an idea that will make for a much higher chance of getting an interview.

Laravel Artisan Utilities - How to use

The Utilities package I made in the last blog post is now demonstrated to show how to use it in future projects. The package provides Artisan commands to Create a User as well as a quick and easy way to edit a user's password.

Creating a Composer Package from Existing Project

I walk through the process of creating a Composer package, publishing the package and connecting it to the Github repository. I make a few mistakes along the way, but I think those might help others if they try to follow along.

How Netflix should improve its service

I've been a customer of Netflix for almost a decade; I've seen the interface change many times, but to me, it still kind of sucks at some things. This is a list of things that I think Netflix could do to improve their interface for me as a customer. Also,

Testing and TDD talk with live coding examples

Giving a talk tonight about Testing and TDD and going over some examples live to show how tests can be used to refactor, with confidence, as well as how TDD can be used to drive out an implementation. 

Eloquent ORM Talk is now on Youtube

I gave a talk a few weeks about Eloquent ORM. I finally had the time to record a version of the talk, and I put it on Youtube in case anyone wanted to watch it.

Please follow PSR-2 from the PHP-Fig

Let's face it, coding style is a pretty boring topic, but having consistent looking code increases readability between developers and allows us to scan code faster. So let's work together as developers instead of everyman for themselves.

Weird error using Mockery while testing

I came across a strange error when using Mockery, that didn't really make sense until later. I thought I would describe it here, in case anyone else came across the same thing.

Presentation - Eloquent ORM

Laravel is a powerful web application framework that is gaining in popularity. Out of the box it provides an ORM called Eloquent. Recently, I gave a presentation about Eloquent to my local PHP user group. Get the link in the article.