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Laravel Debug Tip - The beauty of dd()

One of the things I enjoy about using Laravel, is the simple little helpful features that just make sense. I find myself reaching for the debug functions when I am in JS or other languages. Read about the beauty of dd().

Self Publishing Books

I haven't done it myself yet, but don't want to forget these two resources that help with publishing.

Presentation - You Should Use Composer

I gave a brief introduction to using Composer at my local PHP Users Group tonight, I am posting a link to my slides, but plan to add a recorded version of the presentation next week.

Speed up Composer install

Every PHP Developer should be using Composer, and it is absolutely great...however, it's a little slow at times. Here's a way to speed it up and it's super easy to install and use.

Working with Google Apis

While this could be a long article about the many many pain points working with Google's APIs, for now I am wanting to share a link that makes it easy to "reset" things when you are testing your implementation.

Composer Require tip

I learned something new about composer require, thought I would share.

PHP Traits are looking pretty good to me

I have recently found that PHP Traits are becoming a "go to" solution for a lot of problems on recent projects. Found an article that I think helps make that point clear.

Do you define your success?

Read an interesting article by DHH about working, essentially. Kind of falls in line with a theme with me lately and it gave me some thoughts about what is and isn't success.

Company Structure Part 2

A lot of posts coming out of my head tonight...don't want to forget the point I started in the previous post about Company Structure.

Jeffrey Way on Hangout with San Diego Laravel group.

Jeffrey Way had a good talk with the San Diego Laravel group, and there were a few big points that I thought were worth noting.