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Good Youtube Channel for Start-up Talks

Found this channel that has interviews with people who have started business. Figured it would be worth sharing for reference.

Company structure may contribute to poor success

I've been thinking a lot about companies and how they are structured, and how that can actually inhibit a companies ability to grow and push themselves. It's a theory, so don't take it too seriously.

Clean Code: Chapter 4 - Comments

When to comment your code, when not to? Do you know general guidelines for when a comment is necessary, or what should you do when you feel the need to write a comment?

Clean Code: Chapter 3 - Functions

This chapter focuses on writing functions with tons of tips to keep things clean and easier to understand.

Clean Code: Chapter 2 - Meaningful Names

Continuing on with short chapter descriptions with Clean Code: Chapter 2 - Meaningful Names.

Clean Code: Chapter 1

I recently purchased a copy of Clean Code and Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests. My goal as I read this is to write little posts about things I learned, for my own reference and to help solidify ideas to me.

Laravel Sitemap - Package

Built your latest web app that's going to take over the universe? Awesome, does Google know about all your fantastic content? Add this package and generate a sitemap that you can submit to Google and get your SEO ball rolling.

Generate documentation site from Markdown

Following on the tips in the last blog, I found a great little resource to generate a site you can publish to make your documentation easy to use.

Tips for documenting your code

You can save yourself or your team (or a new contractor) a ton of time/trickiness if you provided some sort of documentation about not only specifics in code, but (possibly more importantly) intent of architecture and/or how some pieces work together.

Git Push and Play Push It

So a while ago I thought it would be fun to have Push It play whenever I pushed to git. Today, I made that a reality.