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Working with DateTime field in Laravel

I found myself needing an input that had date and time for a published_at field. It took a little searching to figure out how to populate it with data, so I thought I would mention it.

Laracasts Auto Settings - Chrome Extension - Update

Updated my extension with the ability to set your preferred play speed and whether or not you want it to auto play the videos on

PHPCS - PHP Code Sniffer - Sublime Text

I ran into a few issues trying to get PHPCS to work in Sublime Text 3. Here are a couple links that helped get things working for me.

Improved Git Log

This is handy and makes the Git log more readable and helpful.

Upgrade your Terminal Prompt

You can upgrade your terminal prompt to reflect Git information, making using Git easier.

Dash for OS X - Offline Docs

Searched for a way to have docs offline so that I could have reference without an internet connection. Dash for OS X looks to be the choice to solve this problem.

Laravel 5 Boilerplate app

Found this on Github and want to remember it. Seems worth checking out.

Good PHP Design Pattern Resource

A great reference site for PHP Design Patterns.

Laravel 5.1 PDF - Display in browser

Had to display a pdf in the browser for a project the other day, and spent quite a bit of Googleing and documentation reading...a lot of trials and errors...but to no avail. Until...

Laracasts Auto Settings - Chrome Extension

I watch a lot of Laracasts and I always find myself clicking "movie mode", setting the speed to 1.5x and clicking the play button. So to save me the tiniest bit of time, I created a chrome extension.