Company Structure Part 2

Posted by Andy Huggins on January 28, 2016

So the original idea behind the first part of this post was that I was using Netflix earlier and noticed that their search kind of sucks. I mean I was looking for a stand up comedy special. I knew that, but couldn't remember the guys name because I had heard it while talking with friends the other night.

I figured I should be able to search for "Stand Up Comedy" and see a list. You can do that, but it doesn't include all of them.

It seems like a tagging system would be good, and maybe even something that the users could tag. That would allow users to see the tags a title has, and then view other items that have been similarly tagged. (That is of course if can't just figure out a better way to make your search work.)

But the original point though was that, why does Netflix's search suck? Isn't there someone who says "This sucks, let's fix it." You'd think it would be the whole company, but I know how companies are and with trickle-down leadership, pet projects that are stupid take precedent.

That's why I propose that a company should want to introduce a healthy element of chaos. Not something like anarchy, but sort of a Devil's Advocate. Someone who is able to just say anything and everything about why something sucks without worrying about getting fired for it.

Hey Netflix, if you need this can hire me. I will make your service better because I will tell you why it sucks. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome, but some things suck, and you need to know that.

But think about having a person in a company that would discuss things with employees, hear them, understand what the mean and why it's important to them. Then this Advocate, goes to that persons boss and says "What the shit Bob, why aren't you doing this and this and this?" I guess you could see it as an efficiency expert, but I don't think it's just efficiency. It's more like an Internal Affairs agent. Maybe it could be called an Internal Advocate. Their job is to make sure bosses aren't missing out on good ideas.

So yeah, need an Internal Advocate...I got you.

Also, the Stand Up Comedy thing is a great example, it should be really easy to indicate that something is Stand Up or not. Would be awesome to be able to see titles by "added" date within a category.

I mean essentially, your engine for finding titles is very important into the usefulness of your service. Sure I like to browse titles, this is similar to browsing the old aisles at Blockbuster..."Let's just see what they have and what's out."

But your search is the equivalent of the person that works there..."Hey dude, I am looking for this Stand up special that was recently released (added), I think I saw it came out in the last two to three weeks. It supposed to be kind of vulgar and I am pretty sure it was a white guy?" Search says "Oh, you mean Tony Hinchcliffe. I laughed my ass off. Enjoy!"

But for some reason, your shit doesn't work that way. So it sucks, and we are left with a virtual don't want to be Blockbuster...fix it.