Eloquent ORM Talk is now on Youtube

Posted by Andy Huggins on May 06, 2016

Eloquent Documentation on Laravel.com

One of the parts that blew my mind when I learned Eloquent was Relationships, definitely read through the docs about them. 


Though, not strictly part of Eloquent, since Eloquent returns Collections you end up using them a lot, or at least could. So linking the docs for collections too:


For Mac users, Laravel Valet was released today, using that could help get you up and running with Laravel so you can mess around with it.

Speaking of which, messing around is a great way to learn a new thing. Install whatever you need, get something up and running, then don't necessarily start building something. Just throw some data in a database, or with a tool like Tinker, you can test out some code and see what is returned.


On Laracasts, there are a bunch of videos about Eloquent, even an entire series: https://laracasts.com/series/eloquent-techniques


A word of caution

Eloquent is a great tool, I really enjoy using it. I think it has helped me become a better programmer because it exposed me to new ideas, and expanded the paradigm in my head of what good code really is. And so I recommend Eloquent, but want to remind you to think about what Eloquent does, think about how to code something like it, break down in your mind how it works. Doing that is going to help you program your own projects better and help you better understand object oriented programming.